Pivoting Arrow Retention

At first glance, the PAR™ assembly appears to be nothing more than a spring loaded lever. Closer examination however; reveals a revolutionary method of arrow retention, superior in function to any previously offered technology.

Flat bent metal or molded plastic springs have been the standard in arrow retention in the modern era. These type springs carry many disadvantages to the hunter, included being noisy, inconsistent and fragile. Loose springs allow arrows to slide away from the string when shooting from a tree stand, risking injury and damage to the crossbow from a partial dry fire.

CAMX - Pivoting Arrow Retention

Plunger style affairs have been attempted but have not delivered satisfactory results. They do not provide adequate surface area contact and can freeze and lock up easily when exposed to the elements. These shortcomings destroy accuracy and raise safety concerns.

PAR™ delivers optimal spring tension for pinpoint accuracy. Large surface contact with the arrow prevents any loss of string contact.

CAMX Pivoting Arrow Retention

The PAR™ system is totally enclosed within the Monobloc™ scope base, making its operation reliable in any weather.

It also provides the anti-dry fire feature by blocking the safety’s removal until an arrow is properly loaded. The PAR™ also features manual override of the anti-dry fire for safe and effective unloading.

This Patent Pending design is only available from CAMX Crossbows.

Experience the PAR™ evolution and improve your game this year.

CAMX - Pivoting Arrow Retention