Monobloc Scope Base

Accuracy at the bench for a few shots is one thing. Accuracy lasting an entire hunting season is another.

That’s the CAMX difference.

We know what happens to your bow during the course of a season. It is in and out of trucks, to and from stands, up and down trees, on and off ATV’s.

Repeatable, maintainable accuracy is no accident. It must be engineered from the ground up. A scope base system is only as strong as its weakest component and there are no “weak links” in our chain!

CAMX - Monobloc Scope Base

The Monobloc™ is precision machined from a solid piece of premium alloy. No screws to loosen. No parts to move. There’s nothing to fail.

Next we marry perfectly matched, all steel U.S.A. made Weaver® rings to create a foundation for accuracy beyond compare.

The Monobloc™ serves another important duty as well. It precisely houses the innovative PAR™ arrow retention system and protects it from the elements for flawless operation in any weather.