Comfortek Stock

A great crossbow stock must do more than provide a place for the cheek to rest. It should provide comfort and balance when you shoulder the bow. You should be steady and confident when you aim. Your hand should slap naturally into the grip to allow a smooth trigger squeeze. You shouldn’t have to adjust your head to accommodate the stock.

CAMX - Comfortek Stock

The Comfortek Stock addresses all these intangibles in design – FEEL. Feel, as well as function have separated the great stock designs throughout history and the CAMX Comfortek™ delivers both.

From a function standpoint, the Comfortek™ has no equal. Built-in technology features include adjustable length of pull, dual carry handles, Thumbsaver™ technology, lightweight construction, molded in accessory insert and Lo Ready™ sling mount.

CAMX - Comfortek Stock

If you are a hunter spending countless hours on a stand, your level of comfort will be revolutionized by the relieved buttstock which allows your CAMX Crossbow to rest comfortably in your lap.

In spite of all this technology and design features, the best characteristic of the Comfortek™ must be felt to be appreciated.

From the first time you shoulder the CAMX Crossbow, you will feel like it was made just for you. Comfortable, accurate, natural and safe; a feel only our experience can create.

The Comfortek™ – another shining example of the CAMX advantage.

CAMX - Comfortek Stock