ARC 4x32 330 Crossbow Scope

CAMX - ARC 330 Crossbow Scope



The ARC™ 330 Crossbow Scope is the first scope designed and built for the unique

challenges of crossbow hunting.

The ARC™ features two key technologies: SER™ (Short Eye Relief) and ARC™ (Arrow Range Compensation).

SER™ 1 ½” eye relief permits comfortable scope positioning on the dovetail base for today’s bullpup stock designs.

CAMX - ARC Crossbow Scope

Most scopes provide eye reliefs much too long for the dovetail length on the crossbow. This poor design condition forces the shooter to position their head into an unnatural and uncomfortable position just to achieve a full sight picture in the scope.

The ARC™ 330 provides a natural and comfortable mounting – a must for quick target acquisition and a precision shot in the field.

The ARC 330 reticle helps minimize hold over and hold under in the field out to the maximum ethical range of 70 yards.

CAMX - ARC Crossbow Scope

The ARC™ 330 is built to withstand the unique recoil abuse crossbows create and our specially designed Multi-Dot reticle is fast and precise.

Compact and lightweight, other ARC™ 330 features include fully coated optics, 1/4” MOA turrets at 20 yards, 50 yard parallax free, independent eye piece focus and is fog proof, waterproof and shockproof. Clearly see the CAMX advantage today.

Hover your mouse over the reticle to get yard distance

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CamX - Areo Crossbow Scope Recticle