Accuspine Arrows

CAMX Accuspine Arrow


Accuspine™ arrows are the first commercially available wrapped carbon crossbow arrows that are spine matched and indexed for the best in arrow to arrow consistency.

During our development and testing, we became very frustrated with the accuracy results we were seeing arrow to arrow from most all of the arrow makers.

We knew that finding an arrow partner to supply and perform on all levels was going to be a challenge. Blessed to stumble upon Black Eagle Arrows, a newcomer with ideas for a superior arrow, and worked together to developed the Accuspine™ which is exclusively supplied to CAMX.

CAMX - Accuspine Arrows with SlickTrick Broadheads in Wishbone Quiver

The unique process of creating a wrapped carbon arrow generates a stiff spine, shown as a line down the arrow shaft. This spine, which can also be seen in fishing rods and golf clubs, add strength and consistency to the product, but has largely been ignored in the hunting industry until now. Accuspine arrows locate the spine and align it directly opposite of the cock vance, which greatly increases accuracy in arrow groupings.

Without this extra step, which takes time and adds cost, our competitors arrows may impact consistently unto themselves but poorly with other arrows within the dozen. Most hunters don’t realize this because normally, only one arrow within their set of hunting arrows is sacrificed for sighting in purposes before hunting. This one arrow shoots well unto itself and thus gives the hunter a false sense of security that other arrows in the quiver will impact identically. Unfortunately, this doesn’t become apparent until a missed shot occurs in the field and the shooter blames him or herself for a bad shot.

The accuracy of your crossbow can only be measured by the arrows you feed it. Accuspine™ – think of them as premium hand loaded ammunition for your crossbow.

CAMX - Accuspine Arrows

The Accuspine™ advantage doesn’t stop there. Each Accuspine™ is hand fletched in the USA with premium Opti-Vane II vanes by Goat Tuff Products. Utilizing FUSION vane technology, two different proprietary materials are combined into a single vane to offer superior accuracy and adhesion. Opti-Vanes' II low profile not only offers better clearance but it also increases surface area resulting in improved guidance.

CAMX - Accuspine Lock n Load Inserts

Each Accuspine arrow is built with precision weighted brass inserts to optimize the arrows FOC (front of center) balance point for improved flight and penetration. Each 4-pack of arrows is supplied with either our exclusive CAMX red aluminum flat back caps. Experience the Accuspine™ advantage this hunting season regardless of your choice of crossbows.

You will not find another carbon crossbow arrow that’s made as well or held to such a high tolerance and standard.

Accuspine crossbow arrows are supplied with a spine deflection tolerance of +/- 0.010” and held to a straightness tolerance of +/- 0.001”.

That’s Olympic Gold Medal winning performance in a carbon hunting arrow!

Experience the Accuspine™ advantage this hunting season regardless of your choice of crossbows. Accuspine will allow your bow to be “all that it can be.”

Diameter 0.344″
Inner Diameter 0.300”
Shaft Weight 9.1 grains per inch
Straightness +/- 0.001
Deflection +/- 0.010
FOC 17.7%
Length 20”
Weight 410 gr. w / 100 gr. points*
Arrow Back Cap CAMX Aluminum Flat Back Cap: 12.3 gr.
Related Info *Arrow to arrow weight tolerance +/- 0.5 grains per carton
All arrows packed 4 per carton and include 4 100gr. Bullet Points with 92 gr. brass Lock-n-Load inserts.