About CAMX

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CAMX Mission

We don’t want to be just another crossbow company, we want to be the best. We want our customers looking for long lasting quality, fit, form and function.

We want customers who appreciate value, not only in the price paid, but in reliability, performance, safety and enjoyment over the years.

How We Think At CamX

The difference between CAMX and our competition is that our owners are “in the trenches” building, designing and engineering your product. We are manufacturing, crossbow, hunting and shooting professionals! We live the life. Our pastimes are spent on the range and in the field, not in a boardroom or on a golf course.

We do not rely on “hired help” or fresh faced “wiz kids” to tell us what to do. We know what to do, how to do it and how to do it well combining our 75+ years of experience over the competition. We know what products need to do because we are in the fields, on the range, in a tree stand or in the plant every day. We don’t rely on or pay “Hollywood Hunter’s” who wouldn’t know a good crossbow if they tripped over one. Our  success relies on serious crossbow hunters recommending our products to family and friends.

CamX Design

Meaningful innovation, that’s what drives CAMX.

Our Hunter to Hunter approach to design is completely different from our competitors. Because of our intimate knowledge of the needs of a hunter, our designs are totally committed to not only producing cutting edge performance but do so in a way that provides reliability in a harsh environment.

Bow hunting doesn’t take place in a lab or sunny range. We hunt in rain, snow, cold and mud! There are bow companies making crossbows who totally focus on the bow portion of the system, trying to win the race for speed. Historically, these designs deliver great speed but little else. These bows spend more time being repaired than in the woods. Also, bow companies do not possess the gun building knowledge to produce a stock with fit, finish, feel and function.

It is impossible to design a product to satisfy the needs of a crossbow hunter if you don’t understand what the needs are. We know the needs and we work to provide them.

CAMX Crossbow LifeStyle Aiming Through Scope

How We Build At CamX

We use superior finishes and spend more on exacting methods of manufacturing. What it all adds up to is a more precise, better functioning and longer lasting product for you – at no additional cost. It is the greatest value in the industry.

CamX Support & Service

Owning a CAMX product gives you exclusive membership to our crossbow fraternity. Not only is our warranty the finest in the industry, without legal loopholes, our customer service is second to none. Why? If you should have a question regarding the use of any CAMX product, we promise that you will speak to an expert. No call centers, no recordings. You will speak to someone who is totally familiar with every aspect of the product. From how it’s made to how it works, we will help you. If your product should require factory service, we will perform the necessary work and get you back in the field without undue delay. You can rest assured you will be treated just like we would want to be treated if we were in your hunting boots.