CAMX Crossbows Launches All New CAMX X330

West Henrietta, NY – CAMX Crossbows is proud to announce the arrival of the all-new X330 Crossbow.

American-engineering, manufacturing, and craftsmanship bring the X330 a unique blend of
speed, safety, reliability, and hyper-accuracy. This blend allows CAMX to proudly declare that
the X330 is simply Built Like No Other.

More than 75 years of crossbow design experience is culminated in the X330, and with
functionally intelligent designs, the CAMX platform delivers the rock-solid performance that
serious hunters demand.

“When we began designing the X330, we wanted to develop meaningful innovations that had a big impact on the hunter’s experience,” said Paul Vaicunas, Vice President of CAMX
Crossbows. “We didn’t focus on a single attribute. Instead, we tried to put ourselves in the shoes of the hunter and understand what

we could do to improve his hunt experience. Out of the box, the X330 comes hunt-ready. A hyper-accurate crossbow that doesn’t require hours of tuning? Welcome to the CAMX X330.”

The CAMX X330 is more than just a new crossbow. It stands in a class of its own when it comes to safety innovation. The patented Thumbsaver™ technology, a CAMX Crossbows exclusive, makes it near-impossible for the operator’s fingers to enter the string path. A multiple-point trigger safety makes the risk of dry-fires incredibly low, and the fully-enclosed Pivoting Arrow Retention™ (PAR) system adds to the trigger’s safety system and making it impossible for the bow to be fired unless the arrow is entirely engaged within the system.

“‘Innovation’ is a term that gets used quite a bit in engineering circles,” said lead engineer David Choma. “We’ve introduced truly unique benefits for the hunter, like the single-piece aluminum Monobloc™ system and all-steel Weaver®-style scope rings to eliminate the risk of the ARC™ Scope shifting. We’ve also engineered the ComfortTek™ stock that makes the X330 as comfortable to sit on your lap as it is to shoulder. We include a factory certified test target to guarantee that your CAMX will shoot 1-inch groups at 20 yards, and sub-2″ groups at 100 yards with the included AccuSpine™ arrows and field points.”

The CAMX X330 Crossbow is available in Realtree® Xtra®, Realtree® Xtra@ Snow® and Black for an MSRP of $999.99.  Learn more about CAMX by visiting

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