CAMX is honored to have made the April 2017 cover of ArrowTrade Magazine. Read the full article here.

CAMX Crossbows are American engineered and manufactured. That's why we can proudly say, CAMX: Built like no other.

CAMX Crossbows take a different approach to technology. Our technologies are focused on making your hunt better in meaningful ways. CAMX technologies are focused around making a safer, stronger, and more durable product – while achieving outstanding performance and delivering hyper accuracy.


Your new CAMX Crossbow is technician-certified and guaranteed to produce groups of 1” or less at 20 yards using the CAMX Accuspine arrows included with your CAMX Peak Performance system.


Your new CAMX Crossbow is guaranteed to produce a speed of 330 feet per second (+2 fps) with the 410 grain Accuspine arrows included in the package. Each CAMX Crossbow is custom tuned by a technician that certifies the specific results of your CAMX Crossbow.


From industry-leading Thumbsaver ™ technology, to the PAR ™ pivoting arrow retention system, and the Lo Drag ™ auto-engaging trigger mechanism, your new CAMX Crossbow is the safest crossbow on the market. Period.


When we say a CAMX is Built Like No Other, we mean it. Your CAMX Crossbow is engineered with Armor Tuff ™ limbs and ballistic limb tips. The combination of these technologies with our Comfortek™ stock, Monobloc ™ scope base and ARC™ crossbow scope brings crossbow manufacturing to an all-new high.

When Accuracy Matters

Does your CEO shoot a crossbow? Ours does - and he recently set up a 100 yard course to prove how accurate the X330 shoots. Durability + Accuracy = CAMX.

The ARC™ 330 Crossbow Scope is the first scope designed and built for the unique challenges of crossbow hunting.


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CamX - Areo Crossbow Scope Recticle